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For All Churches and their Assemblies

Shalom Brothers and Sisters, may our Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob be with us today.
I bring you this letter with love and kindness to unite all believers in our Father, the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. 
In todays world we see the abominations that have been prophesied in the Holly Bible. We are living in the end of the birth pains and waiting for the return of Yeshua. It's this time that we all must work together to reach out to our communities, and politicians to abolish the public sins that are happening around us. America has become the Sodom and Gamora and a den of liars and thief's. For most church leaders and church goers you are doing nothing in your community to reach out and work together to stop what is taking place. For example in my city we have one of the largest pride parades and monthly pride celebrations in the world. Why do we condone this? Why haven't you written or called your local politicians to end such abominations? Why haven't church leaders gathered together to talk to the Mayors and city councils
Christianity, Messianic's and believers have you given up! Your letting the prince of darkness win so many battles. Why have so many of you become luke warm? 
We must pray for forgiveness and repent our 
laziness, pride and arrogance. 
The evil one is the master of confusion and division in churches today. That's why we have thousands of Christian religions and hundreds of Messianic cults popping up around the world today. If you are Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Jewish or of another religion, please reach out to each other and fight for our Fathers rights in a loving and caring way. The most important word in the Torah is Love.
We must follow the Way in what Yeshua says, The Way, Truth and Life. 
Let's not hide in the 
shadows, but lets grow in our Fathers spirit and look forward to our rewards in Heaven. 
I pray for you all and for the world we live in that we unite as brothers and sisters to spread the word of our Father to bring him back into our lives. To share his word and bring people to Yeshua for salvation and may the Holy Spirit be with you.
Reaching out to our community is a calling for everyone. Don't miss out.
Love and peace to all.


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