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We would like to share some people and ministries who has inspired us. 

The ministries below are people that are inspired and feel the calling to teach and share with others. They speak much truth. Not all ministries are the same. Many have been called to teach in different areas of the bible. 
Even though people try to do their best and teach truth, mistakes sometimes can happen from time to time in speaking their lessons. As 119 Ministries says often, please test everything. As you learn and research from others please do your own as well. We are all looking for truth and eternal life. Please enjoy the ministries that we share.

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Torah Class is taught by Tom Bradford. He teaches from the CJB and is excellent in Hebrew culture and Biblical Hebrew language. Tom brings a visionary perspective to us in the lives of people in the Torah, Tanakh and New Testament. His teachings go much deeper into understanding and learning the bible than most bible studies on You Tube.   


119 Ministries is a group of bible believing Messiah seekers who believe the whole bible is true and is applicable today. They stripped away religious doctrines and share the words of our Father. They teach patterns, context and culture from the bible. They have many great lessons that will help us through our journey as we wait for the Messiahs return. 

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Christopher MacEnany has inspired many by his music and testimonies. He has a love for the Torah and the Messiah. He teaches life situations and how to overcome adversities through his own experiences and following the words of our creator. Christopher shares his love for those in need. Helping those who are sick, and in worldly desperation.


 A few years ago Julie Borik left the Catholic Church realizing that she was being taught church doctrines that went against the bible. She learned salvation outside the Catholic Church and how to live by the Way, Truth and Life not taught in Catholic Churches today. Julies ministry is to help people who are still in the Catholic Church to learn truth and understanding and how to receive eternal life.


We advocate a return to the faith of the first-century Church. This is typically referred to as “Messianic Jewish” or “Hebrew Roots”, but I prefer to call it “Biblical Christianity”. We believe and follow our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and we obey His commandments (found in both the Old and New Testaments).

  • Our Vision is that people will learn to let the Bible interpret itself.

  • Our Mission is to cause people to dig deeper into the truth of God’s Word.

  • We Value the Truth of God as it is revealed through the Holy Scriptures.


Tzaddik Media is on a mission to bring Jewish wisdom and spirituality to the world!​

To have a great insight to Hebrew history and culture. Exploring the differences of Christianity and Judaism and bridging them together. To follow the Torah and the Messiah. 


We are living in the time of the end. Technological knowledge has increased and Scripture knowledge has increased as well. The very purpose of this ministry is to correct doctrinal errors of faith, to win souls for salvation, and minds for truth. People who preach or write on doctrinal matters, but only use supporting verses to make their doctrinal case, while intentionally omitting verses that refute their argument, are being disingenuous. The information presented here does not do that.

Ready to Harvest is a YouTube channel about Christian Denominations. We look into what these denominations have in statements of faith, published position papers, magazines, and websites and provide a concise, unbiased, and accurate description of the denomination that allows evaluation and comparison. 


Do you want to uncover the true, deeper meaning of the Bible? There’s only one way to do that, and it’s through learning the Holy Book’s original language. Our online Biblical Hebrew courses allow our students to understand the nuances and hidden meaning of the original Biblical text. And our videos are a great way to step through the door into this world often lost in translation. You’ll gain insights from our short-form lessons series into the Bible; learn fascinating religious history with expert vlog videos; and enjoy our Biblical Hebrew Insight content.

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